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The concept of the World Wide Web is based on hyperlinks - clickable text and images found within Web pages that direct the user to other, relevant, pages.

The life blood of a Web site is its traffic, ie the number of visitors it receives. A (possibly the) major source of Web traffic is the search engines, of which Google is the clear leader. Obtain a high position in the Google results for in demand search terms and traffic (and profits) will flow freely.

The way in which Google (and the other search engines) rank results is a closely guarded secret, but certainly includes the number of times the search term appears in the page content with particular emphasis given to page titles and headers.

Another significant, but less well known, factor in Google's ranking algorithm is Page Rank. This is explained in more detail by Google but essentially is a measure of how many links point to a particular page weighted by the relative importance (as measured by their Page Rank) of the containing pages.

In order to boost their Google Page Rank, and therefore receive more traffic, many sites actively seek link exchange partnerships with other sites. This means sites place links to other sites in return for being linked to by those sites.

However, the relevance of linking pages is also considered important, with sites being linked to by so called link farms (vast collections of unrelated links) actually being penalized in the rankings. is pleased to offer a number of opportunities for link exchange among our portfolio of sites:

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